Need a Google Search Strategist?

Is your current online B2B marketing strategy working?

Do you need an online search strategist?

Organizations spend huge sums of money on developing strategies.  Unfortunately, few business strategies are well thought out, actually executable, or sustainable.  The reality it takes years of experience in a wide variety of businesses, industries, functional roles, and environments to validate, execute, and ensure a strategy is sustainable and will actually meet the organizational goals.  Digital marketing strategies for sales lead development often don’t align with business strategy or are executed poorly.  Using an expert in Google search strategies can help your business develop leads and sales from your online presence.  Why Google?  More than 90 percent of the searches completed online are through Google Search.

The best-looking website on the web is of little value if it doesn’t attract and convert visitors.

Experience Counts!

John Hamerlinck, Wescat, Inc. has the kind of technical and management experience to advise your leadership and guide your team in executing sustainable strategies anywhere in the world.  I start with understanding your business and apply years of knowledge, education, and experience to recommend the best practical & sustainable solutions to increase your sales and revenues.  It is more than just technical wizardry to increase your visibility.  It is well thought out strategies that leverage technology and produce results.

John Hamerlinck

Google Search Strategist

Aligning Business Strategy with Search Engine Optimization Video

Business Strategy Development and Execution for B2B Industrial Companies

Utilizing years of domestic and global experience we can lead you through a process to develop new or refine old business strategies to ensure they are sustainable and survive the test of time.  Your B2B business has unique attributes that drive 80 percent of your success.  Ensuring you leverage those attributes and not dilute your focus with “capabilities” is one of the main challenges of growing businesses.  If you have an online presence you need a Google search strategist to ensure you are leveraging search and search advertising.

B2B Visitors are Needed.

It doesn’t matter if your B2B business development is focused on one or both.  You must customize and align your business strategy with your core capabilities and beliefs.  Many business owners & CEOs get caught up in trying to serve all potential markets drifting away from the expertise that got them started.  Let me help you focus on and extend those unique capabilities for growth and expansion.  You want your ideal prospects to find your company when they look for solutions.  Engineers, program & project managers, end-users, OEMs, and business owners are looking for your solutions.  Be the company that provides the answers when they need them.

Custom Services

  • Due Diligence – Market & Competitive Analysis
  • Business & Online Strategy Alignment
  • Technical Analysis & Remediation
  • Keyword Research & Implementation of On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Audit & Facilitation for SEO
  • Landing Pages, Email, & CRM Implementation
  • Brand Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis & Implementation
  • Back Link Analysis
  • Google Analytics Implementation & Reporting
  • Google & Bing Search Console Set-up
  • Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising
  • Semrush Set-up, Training, and Coaching

Not sure if you need a Google Search Strategist?

Are you satisfied your business is on the right track with the right strategy?  Is your digital (website ) generating leads that will help you win more contracts?  Aligning online strategies with your business strategy is more than just launching a website.  I work with small businesses to evaluate their web presence and improve results from their website investment.

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